Lisbon with iPhone

I had planned to spend 2 weeks in Taipei (Taiwan) in early March 2020. The Covid-19 epidemic gaining momentum in Italy during this period, I decided to cancel this trip at the last minute, I didn’t want to risk getting stuck on the other side of the Earth.

I could not bring myself not to leave at all, so I quickly looked for a less risky, less restrictive destination… The best solution was undoubtedly Lisbon, city that I had already visited a few years ago but that I wanted to re-discover. So I ended up there while the epidemic started to grow in France. In Portugal, heedlessness still reigned at that time …

I was in the middle of “photographic questioning”, I wanted to take photos differently, to change my way of taking photos, so I used my iPhone 11 Pro.

This series is dedicated to Nola